The second to last gif in your gif folder is your muse’s reaction to the power going out.

friendly reminder that even if i take ages to reply, i still want to roleplay with you

I’ve grown attached to you being here.

So I had to change my mascot from Zoey to Chloe Bennet because she’s an angel.

aos memecharacters(2/7) - Skye

mutatismutandis-rp asked: It’s 2022 and the era of the golden trio has ended. A new generation has started - And it’s just not any year … It’s time to bring back tradition. The Triwizard tournaments will be celebrated yet again, especially with new Beauxbaton and Durmstrang students enrolling into the school. However, something seemingly enigmatic seems about to occur. Maybe there’s more to what you might see, but it’s time to start another journey. Are you ready to board the Hogwarts Express? Shoutout please?

Of course! Consider this your shout-out, and good luck with your group!


S H I E L D M A I D E N | (cover art by val); a mix for the woman whose hearth is the battlefield and lover is war

“You are a terrifying creature. You do not take your place in your father’s tent, letting men make your decisions for you. You ride as a man, you fight as a man, and you think as a man-”
"I think as a human being," she retorted hotly. "Men don’t think any differently from women — they just make more fuss about being able to."


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"Take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. Offer me that deathless death, Good God, let me give you my life."