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“I like the tough girls because they are not tough. It’s a veil; it’s a disguise. It’s defenses. At the core, everybody is human, everybody is fragile, everybody is terrified, and the fear is what propels you to be tough.”

Tatiana Maslany (via whispervv)


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dearestmelly asked: hello! :) i was just wondering where you find all of the pictures for your inspiration/mythology graphics. i kind of want to create some with my own twist, but i'm having a hard time finding pictures. any help is appreciated, thank you!

Hi, lovely! First of all, let me start by apologizing for taking so long to get back to you. I’m on a bit of a hiatus and hadn’t logged back on until today.

Anyways, I’ve got an array of places that I check in order to find images for my inspiration and mythology graphics. Here’s a list of all the best places to check:

  • WeHeartIt will often have a lot of images that will relate to literally just about anything you can search for, you just sometimes have to wade through a lot of others.
  • There are a couple of really good photos you can find from DeviantArt, just make sure to let the artist/photographer know that you’re going to be using the photo.
  • Sometimes I’ve been able to find a couple of images through Flickr. I know tons of people use this as their main source for images.
  • I, as well as many other 1x1/writing/rph blogs, have inspiration tags, which is where I get the bulk of my images so long as the image isn’t already edited.
  • I’m subscribed to a couple of sites that send out photographs once a month for editors. Off the top of my head, I can link you to Death to the Stock Photo, but if you look around, there are plenty more.
  • Photography blogs are a really good thing to check out, just make sure not to take an image if the poster doesn’t want you to.

I hope this helps you!


Okay, first of all, I want to apologize to anyone that has messaged me recently or is roleplaying with me for not being online. I haven’t had a lot of muse or inspiration for writing, characters, etc. and so I haven’t felt like getting online much. I’m taking a semi-hiatus (I don’t know how long, but I’ll still pop in to chat) in hopes of regaining all of my inspiration from before. To those of you I roleplay with, I’m still going to attempt to give you a reply, even if I owe it from months ago, but it may take some time. I love you all!


The second to last gif in your gif folder is your muse’s reaction to the power going out.

friendly reminder that even if i take ages to reply, i still want to roleplay with you

I’ve grown attached to you being here.